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Clean Wood Recycling

Whether it is a small or large construction project, there will be some amount of wood waste produced. Since wood is a finite resource, there could be a devasting impact on the environment if the amount of woodcutting is not controlled.

Why Recycle Wood?

As wood debris typically accounts for up to ten percent of the materials that are deposited into landfills annually, recycling has become a proven method in reducing the negative environmental impacts and amount of landfill space used. In addition, wood recycling also requires less energy consumption compared to making new products from raw materials. 

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What types of wood products can be recycled?

As wood waste falls into many categories, it is important to examine what type of wood products you have that may be eligible for recycling. We have the capability to process wood chips, tree limbs, tree branches, and stumps. Wood that has been painted, finished, treated, or varnished is not good candidates for recycling due to the chemicals that are present.

Untreated, or “clean wood waste” can be recycled and be used for various products such as toys, mulch, or other products for your home. Bagged dirt, bagged soil, rocks, treated or coated wood, and concrete is not considered yard waste and will not be accepted at our drop-off facility. 

Clean Wood Recycling

Areas Served

EverGro Organic Recycling offers organic lumber recycling services within the city of Houston and its surrounding areas

Here at EverGro Organic Recycling, we offer high-volume, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly lumber & clean wood recycling services to companies in the Houston, Texas area.

We are a drop-off-only facility and accept “clean wood” which includes wood scraps, dimensional lumber, cut-offs, woodchips, and sawdust.

We also collect wood pallets for recycling. All the material collected must be untreated and free of paint and glue. The collected clean wood is then combined with biosolids to produce beneficial products.

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